Variant Technology Tree (v4.2)

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Variant Technology Tree (v4.2)
Type Technology Tree
Prerequisites None
Replaces RAW Technology Tree
Created by Aweberman

The original Technology Tree is replaced by a variant tree by Aweberman discussed in great detail in this thread:
The thread has been rebooted and can be found here:
The current version of the Tree (V 4.2) is shown below. Please note that the colors of the War Sun and Graviton Laser System Technologies have switched and that the Starting Technologies have been adjusted. The new prerequisites and Starting Technologies are also listed as separate tables below.

Variant Technology Tree

Table of Prerequisites

Technology Prerequisites
Transfabrication None
Micro Technology None
Sarween Tools Transfabrication
Integrated Economy Micro Technology OR X-89 Bacterial Weapon
Transit Diodes Micro Technology OR Gravity Drive
Enviro Compensator Sarween Tools
Nano Technology Integrated Economy OR Transit Diodes OR Hylar V Assault Laser
War Sun One Technology of each color
Magen Defense Grid None
Assault Cannon None
Graviton Laser System Magen Defense Grid
Deep Space Cannon Magen Defense Grid
Duranium Armor Assault Cannon OR Type IV Drive
Automated Defense Turrets Assault Cannon OR Graviton Laser System OR Deep Space Cannon
Hylar V Assault Laser Deep Space Cannon OR Duranium Armor
Graviton Negator Graviton Laser System OR Duranium Armor
Gen Synthesis None
Neural Computing None
Cybernetics None
Dacxive Animators Gen Synthesis OR Transit Diodes
Stasis Capsules Gen Synthesis OR Neural Computing OR Transit Diodes
Neural Motivator Neural Computing OR Cybernetics OR Deep Space Cannon
X-89 Bacterial Weapon Dacxive Animators OR Stasis Capsules
Hyper Metabolism Neural Motivator
Antimass Deflectors None
Maneuvering Jets Antimass Defelctors OR Enviro Compensator
Fleet Logistics Maneuvering Jets OR Hyper Metabolism
Gravity Drive Maneuvering Jets
Type IV Drive Fleet Logistics
XRD Transporters Fleet Logistics
Advanced Fighters Cybernetics AND (Graviton Negator OR Maneuvering Jets)
Light/Wave Deflector Gravity Drive OR Type IV Drive OR XRD Transporters

Starting Technologies

Race Starting Technologies
Arborec Gen Synthesis + (Stasis Capsules OR Transit Diodes)
Creuss Gravity Drive + (Gen Synthesis OR Transfabrication)
Hacan Sarween Tools OR Neural Motivator
Jol-Nar Antimass Deflectors + Hylar V Assault Laser + (Neural Computing OR Enviro Compensator)
L1z1x Assault Cannon + (Antimass Deflectors OR Gen Synthesis)
Letnev Graviton Negator OR Duranium Armor
Mentak Micro Techonology + (Gen Synthesis OR Maneuvering Jets)
Muaat Antimass Delfectors + War Sun + (Graviton Laser System OR Dacxive Animators)
Naalu Enviro Compensator OR Graviton Laser System
Nekro Dacxive Animators + (Gen Synthesis OR Transfabrication)
N'orr Deep Space Cannon + Magen Defense Grid + (Antimass Deflectors OR Micro Technology)
Saar Antimass Deflectors + (Micro Technology OR Cybernetics)
Sol Cybernetics + (Fleet Logistics OR Enviro Compensator)
Winnu Stasis Capsules + (Integrated Economy OR Neural Computing)
Xxcha Magen Defense Grid + Hyper Metabolism + (Integrated Economy OR Sarween Tools)
Yin Automated Defense Turrets + (Dacxive Animators OR Transit Diodes)
Yssaril Light/Wave Deflector OR Micro Technology