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I'm the webmaster and resident code monkey of this website. As I live in Stockholm, Sweden, my time zone is CET (UTC+1 or +2 in summer), i.e. usually 6 hours ahead of the American east coast and 9 hours ahead of the west coast.

Rules and Guidelines for my Games

Unless otherwise noted on the game pages, these rules apply to all my games.

For any ruling I will consider the sources in following order of priority: House rules, Unofficial FAQ, FAQ 2.5, rulebook

PBF Rules

The Prime Rule

The GM has final say on all issues but will seek consensus while maintaining a fair and balanced game that proceeds as intended by the rules.

Gildor's warning

Do not meddle in the affairs of the GM, for he is subtle and quick to anger. While all rules and guidelines are open to some amount of discussion, blatantly ignoring them (especially if you think you know better) will call upon thee the wrath of the GM.

Table Mode

Discussions, plotting and general communication all happen openly in this game. Imagine sitting at the table together with all players hearing any words being spoken. Any private communication outside of the designated forum is forbidden. Penalties may include, but are not limited to: the loss of TGs, exhausted planets, or deduction of VPs. These penalties are solely at the discretion of the GM. Instead of penalties, the GM may also choose to reward all other players with TGs.

Self Controlling Players

All players are expected to view and check all other logs, not just the one preceding your action. Any errors found should be reported in the forum. The players are responsible for checking the logfiles for errors, not the GM. By creating a new log, you accept the previous actions since your last log. Any errors that may not have been discovered in the meantime are ignored.

Correcting Mistakes

Overview: All players are required to be familiar with the FFG rules, house rules, variants, options, and new concepts. Failure to do so and posting a valid order that has undesired effects is regrettable but will usually stand. Never assume any part of a move is "implied" or "obvious" to the GM. For example, if moving a CV from empty space that has 3 FFs depending on it for support, you must explicitly indicate those FFs are moving along with the CV.

Changing Orders: Players are allowed to change their posted orders anytime if they are still the active player. As a matter of politeness and a sign of respect to other players give the player a 15 minute grace period before posting your own orders. If other players have posted orders and you wish to change your order, you will need to ask those players’ permission to roll back the game to your turn.


Definition of a 24-hour period: When these guidelines refer to a 24-hour time period, this will only mean literally 24 hours on work days. If the 24-hour period ends on a weekend, it will be extended until Monday night (American timezones, i.e. Tuesday morning in Europe).

Frequency: Players are expected log in at least once per day. If you know you'll be gone for longer than the 24-hour time period, please post a message on the boards or send a PM to the GM at least two days in advance (emergencies are obviously an exception to this). If a player is not uploading a log, please contact the GM, NOT the actual player. The GM will try to contact the delaying player.

Three-strikes rule If a player needs to be reminded that he is up for his action three times within two phases, he may be asked to leave the game and be replaced by a more active player.

Preorders: Players are encouraged to give their preorders ahead of time but please don't post them (it causes confusion) - PM them to the GM instead. Simple logic statements work best for your preorders, such as “I'll do XYZ unless ABC happens”. Those orders stay in queue and will be used by the GM when the time comes for your action. The player can change those orders any time before it is their turn. If something major happens to the game that can affect your preorders, the GM will wait for you to come back online and post the orders yourself. Faster pace is encouraged, but not required.

A few little things about pre-orders:

  • I will never ever discuss or talk about pre-orders from another player.
  • I will only post a pre-order if it is still valid at the time that player's turn comes up (if it is not I will pm the player in question)
  • I will never send a response on a pre-order to confirm I received it. If it is no longer in your outbox, you can consider it read and processed.
  • Talking about pre-orders like "I have given a pre-order, I pre-ordered this/that" etc, can lead to an advantage for your opponent. Please take this into account when openly talking about pre-orders.
  • Please try to keep the title of your PM short but clear. Also include the shorthand for the game (see the game page) in the subject as well as your race. (example: BGGB12 Lazax R1 SC picks)
  • If you want to change a previous pre-order add "superseding" to the front of the PM title (example: superseding BGGB12 Lazax R1 SC picks)
  • If you are up and online, and I have not posted your pre-order yet, please post your action yourself. There is no need to wait for me. (Exception: End of phase Action Cards.)
  • If you are up but have changed your mind before I execute your pre-order, please post your action. The posted action will always supersede a pre-order.

Try to all work together to make the game go smoothly. For example: if Assembly is being held, this usually takes a couple of days. In 99% of the cases, you using the secondary of Assembly or not does not depend on the actual outcome. You may as well go ahead and pre-order using the secondary in that case. Send a PM with as many pre-orders as possible and the game length can be significantly reduced.

Secondaries: Instead of taking secondaries in clockwise order around the table, players can take all secondaries at any time until just before their next action. However, any player can demand that all players take secondaries in the correct order before continuing as this can be important for Strategy Cards like Production or Technology.

Action Cards: You are to give preorders for Action Cards that can be played out of turn. In some cases you might wish to play an AC as a reaction to a recent unforeseen action. In that case you have 24 hours to declare your AC play. If necessary, the game will then roll back or be halted according to the effects of the AC.

End-of-phase preorder periods: At the end of the Status and Strategy Phases we will pause for 24 hours to allow enough time to give preorders, e.g. for ACs at the end of the current phase or at the beginning of the next. Because there are several ACs which might be played almost simultaneously but have different timings (e.g. Signal Jamming and First Strike), these pre-orders should be given by PM to allow the GM to resolve timing conflicts. The preorder period at the end of the Status Phase can also be used to redistribute CCs after receiving ACs like Strategic Planning or to preorder preferred SC picks. While preorders should be sent by PM, player who do not wish to play any AC or make other changes may post this publicly to increase the speed of the game. Such preorders must be explicit (e.g. "pass on ACs") and are irrevocable (unlike unexecuted pre-orders by PM).

Sabotage Action Card: Players have 24 hours to use Sabotage after an AC is played, otherwise you will not be allowed to play Sabotage.


All dice rolls are handled by the GM.

Action Cards in Combat: As the attacker, you are expected to send your AC intentions via pre-order along with your Tactical Action.

Default combat procedure: Unless the GM receives detailed orders via PM, combat is resolved in the following way:

  • No Action Cards are played
  • No Retreats/Withdrawals are declared
  • No Racial abilities that require spending of resources/TGs are used (e.g. Letnev ability)
  • Default casualty order for Space Battles: first hit to ships with sustain damage, then Fighters, Destroyers, Carriers (without planetary forces, i.e. GFs, MUs or PDS), Cruisers, Mercenaries, Dreadnaughts, War Suns, Flagships, Carriers (with planetary forces)
  • Default casualty order for Invasion Combat: first hit to Mechanized Units, then Ground Forces, Mercenaries, Mechanized Units.

You are expected to name all units in the post with their final combat value, already considering all technologies you may have access to. As defender you are expected to list all pre-combat abilities in your desired order, if there are any, and with their roll values. This will keep errors to a minimum due to the players knowing best their own combat values. The GM will then resolve combat. The more detailed your pre-order is using logical statements, the higher the chances that your AC will be played exactly the way you wanted it. As the defender, you are expected to send your AC intentions via PM within 24 hours of the declared battle. If you suspect a coming attack earlier, you can speed up things greatly by sending pre-orders of possible AC plays ahead of time.

Poltical Intrigue

If the Political Intrigue option is used, the Assembly can be slowed down tremendously. To keep those delays to a minimum, the following rules and guidelines should be followed:

Zeroth Rule: Always send as much as you can in the way of pre-orders: reps, spy targets/choices, PN offers, votes, and secondary choices can all be sent in advance. Use logical statements and know that you can interrupt the pre-order if the situation changes along the way. This is the best way to ensure a speedy resolution of Assembly.

First Rule: Never vote before it is your turn. Never ever do that. You can send pre-orders by PM but never jump ahead to voting when it is not your turn yet.

Sending Representatives: While it is perfectly acceptable to wait for first comments about the agenda before sending a representative, players should not delay this too much. If they wish to get a feeling of the other races' intents, they should start a discussion.

Spy resolution: If you send a spy, please pre-order the target or related choices. If your spy or target need to change, you can edit the pre-order or post yourself. In other words, the pre-order will be ignored and you may pick a target based on all available information.

Offering Promissory Notes: Promissory Notes (PNs) must be offered in the correct order of play. To expedite this process, players are expected to send pre-orders or declare their PN offer within 24 hours. You may publicly post out of turn that you will not offer a PN but this must be explicit. (The GM will have the final say on what is sufficiently explicit. If you wish to deceive your fellow players into thinking that you will not offer a PN while you are in fact considering it, your post needs to be vague and a PM to the GM is advised. If in doubt about what is vague enough, PM the GM first!)

Voting: see First Rule. Even if you think there is no harm in posting your vote out of order, don't do it. Trust your GM and always remember the Babylon 5 mantra!

Logfile Forum Rules

Some notes on proper etiquette for posting in the Logfiles forum

These guidelines pertain mostly to the "Action Phase" threads, where we will be spending most of our time in the game.

Do not start threads

I prefer to take a little time to check everything before a new phase starts. Furthermore I really like to have threads with uniform titles and opening posts with the Turn order.

Reduce Attachment Uploads

The forums have a size limit. With the number of games being played, if every player uploads a logfile for every action, the size limit will be exceeded very quickly. For that reason, when your action is very minor, and can be easily explained in the forum and then executed later on by another player, it is advisable to simply state your action. The action should also be added to a ToDo block at the bottom of the posting (more on that later).

Additionally, there should never be a need for anyone other than the GM to post logfiles in "Status Phase" or "Strategy Phase" threads.

Attachments should be deleted periodically. This can be done through the User Control Panel. It is recommended that each player should keep no more that two logfiles for any game.

ToDo sections

Pending logfile updates are added to a ToDo section at the bottom of the posting. These updates can include simple actions that did not require a full logfile update, updates that were forgotten during an update, actions that need to be performed by the GM, and alterations to a previous update (must occur before the next player's action). The list items should include all information that is required to update the log. Do not just reference an action that was posted elsewhere (even if it is in the same post).

If a ToDo section exists in a posting, this ToDo MUST either be resolved in a log update or copied into the new posting. If copy/paste is too difficult because of smart phones, etc, then try quoting the previous posting and removing the unneeded text.

Secondary Tokens

When a player executes a strategy card, generally, all other players have an option to execute the Secondary. When announcing the execution of a strategy card, please create a Secondary token in your posting. The token is just a simple header "Strategy Secondaries" followed by each race's name in player order from the current player.

These tokens can be updated by each player when announcing whether they are executing or passing on the secondary.

Just like ToDo sections, secondary tokens must be copied from post to post.

Logfile Naming

Logfiles posted into Action forums should follow the following naming convention: game_rx_tyy_race.vlog

Where x = Round Number, yy = Turn Number (a zero-padded increment from the last logfile posting), and race = your race.

Example: bggb12_r1_t03_saar.vlog . Following this convention will help to keep the logfiles sorted chronologically within the file system of any user who wishes to keep a record of all logfiles. Everything in the filename should be (and stay) lower case, at least up to the race name because some file systems are case sensitive.

Logfile Forum Post Template

In the logfile forum, this template should be used for posts. I will post this separately with further explanation.

(racial banner) (starting command counter's)-->(ending command counters) (action taken)[color=#FFFF00][b](NOTE: if you are just posting the secondary of a card and not taking an action, just fill in your secondary in the space provided below and you do not have to post here; ensure to list command counters)[/b][/color]

[b][u](secondary of previously or just activated SC card)[/u][/b] (player 1 race) (player 2 race) (player 3 race) (player 4 race) (player 5 race) (player 6 race)

[b][u]To Do:[/u][/b]

[b][u]GM To Do:[/u][/b]

[b][u]Initiative[/u][/b] (player 1 race) - (strategy) (player 2 race) - (strategy) (player 3 race) - (strategy) (player 4 race) - (strategy) (player 5 race) - (strategy) (player 6 race) - (strategy)

[b][size=200](player race) up![/size][/b]




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