Trade Good based Race Selection

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Trade Good based Race Selection
Type Setup rule
Prerequisites None
Replaces Random races
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Each player has four different options of choosing a race. Players who have fewer choices to select from than others are compensated with Trade Goods according to the following table.

Option Bonus Trade Goods
Select a specific race 0 TG
Draw 3 random races, select one 2 TG
Draw 2 random races, select one 3 TG
Draw 1 random races 4 TG

The options are chosen secretly and simultaneously. Players who choose a specific race reveal their choice first. Then take one control marker from all races that are left and have the other players randomly draw 1 to 3 markers according to their chosen option. The draw and race selection is done secretly.

Players now receive Trade Goods according to the table above, but only according to the difference between best and worst option. For example, if one player chooses to draw three races and all other players choose to draw one, then one player receives 0 Bonus TGs and all others 2 Bonus TGs.

In the rare case, that 2 players choose to pick the same race, roll a die to decide who gets to play the chosen race. The other player immediately needs to choose another selection option.