Tiny's Tweaked TI3 House Rules

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The goal of this page is to build a TI3 rule "preset" based on my own experience with all the variants that I've encountered in the games I've played. It is an attempt to: - tweak some of the races - remove unneeded 'randomness' - include the most optional rules - include the best houserules out there

You will also notice that there will be some unconventional houserules in this list.

To continue to improve this list ALL the games I will GM in the future will be based on this list of rules.

Rules List


In order of execution:

  • Map Creation (HR)
  • Race Selection (HR)
  • Homesystem Selection (HR)

Strategy Cards

  • Leadership
  • Diplomacy II
  • Assembly II (HR)
  • Production
  • Trade II
  • Warfare II
  • Technology II
  • NO Bureaucracy (HR)

Houseruled: Assembly II

  • Representatives are used
  • Promissary Notes are NOT used
  • When the game starts 1 Agenda is revealed.
  • Primary: Receive 1AC, then select 1 player to claim the speaker token and another player to elect 1 agenda to discard and 1 agenda to be voted upon.
  • secondary: same as assembly II, spend 1SA to refresh 1 planet outside your homesystem and receive 1AC
  • Representatives that affect PN's are revamped

Official Optional Rules


  • Preliminary Objectives (HR)
  • Flagships
  • Custodians of Mecatol Rex
  • Leaders
  • Racial Technologies (HR)
  • Tactical Retreats
  • Wormhole Nexus
  • Facilities
  • Representatives (HR)
  • Mechanized Units (HR)


  • Shock Troops
  • Space Mines
  • Mercenaries
  • Artifacts
  • Sabotage runs
  • Voice of the Council
  • Distant Suns
  • Final Frontier