Red-Tape Bureaucracy

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Red-Tape Bureaucracy
RedTape Bureaucracy.png
Type Variant SC
Prerequisites None
Replaces Bureaucracy
Created by

This version of Bureaucracy combines the Age of Empire rules with the Bureaucracy mechanics. When playing with this Strategy Card, players require 10 Victory Points to win the game.

How to use: When selecting Bureaucracy during the Strategy Phase, remove as many "Red Tape" Counters from the Public Objective Cards as there are Bonus Counters on the card, starting at the left end of the line of Public Objective Cards.
When executing the primary ability of Bureaucracy you remove one "Red Tape" counter from any one Public Objective Card. You may only remove a counter from

  • a Stage II Public Objective Card red starting with round five,
  • Imperium Rex if there is at most one "Red Tape" counter to the left of the card.

You may now claim a Public Objective without "a Red Tape" counter. Please note that the card image in the Vassal module incorrectly states "You may not choose a Stage II objective in the first three rounds".