Racial Objectives

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Racial Objectives
Type Objectives
Prerequisites None
Replaces Secret Objectives
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The original Secret Objectives are replaced by sets of 3 Racial Objectives per race which are worth 2 Victory Points. After a player has claimed a Preliminary Objective he may claim one of his three Racial Objectives beginning with the next Status Phase. Each player may only claim one Racial Objective. Like Secret Objectives they can be claimed along with a Public Objective during the Status Phase.


Living Jewel
I have at least 15 Ground Forces on Mecatol Rex.
Symbiotic Surge
I have at least 30 Ground Forces on the board.
Spore Dispersal
I have taken control of at least 5 planets controlled by another player.


Imperial Beings
I control Mecatol Rex and there is a Wormhole in the system. (This objective can be fulfilled either with the Creuss Flagship or with the Racial Technology Slave Wormhole Generator.)
Expansionist Beings
I control at least 6 systems containing a Wormhole (or all if there are less than 6 on the board).
Vanguard of the Dark Rim
I control at least 6 systems along the edge of the board


Trade Embargo
I am currently blockading at least 2 Space Docks of enemies who have no Trade Agreements with other players.
Lion’s Hoard
I control Mecatol Rex and now spend 20 resources.
From Sand to Gold
I control at least 5 planets with a resource value of 3 (including Refineries).


Knowledge of War
I have at least 6 red Technology Advances, 2 War Suns on the board and won a Space Battle against at least 3 non-fighter ships this round.
Knowledge of Industry
I have a Space Dock on Mecatol Rex. I have at least 6 yellow Technology Advances and have 3 Space Docks on the board.
Xenotech Research
I control at least 6 planets with a Technology Specialty. (When using BGGB house rules from v1.5 onward, tech specialty of all colors count toward this objective.)


Demonstration of Strength
I won at least 2 Space Battles this round, each involving at least 3 non-fighter enemy ships.
Rain of Death
I bombarded Mecatol Rex with at least 3 Dreadnaughts this round and successfully took over the planet from another player.
I have won at least 5 Space Battles against at least 2 opponents.


Blackened Skies
I am blockading 2 Space Docks with at least 2 Dreadnaughts per Space Dock.
The Return
I control Mecatol Rex and have at least 4 Dreadnaughts there.
Inherited Strength
I have researched 3 technologies for which I did not have all prerequisites at the time of research.


Black Market
I now give a total of 10 Trade Goods to at least 2 different opponents. (Players cannot refuse to accept Mentak’s TGs.)
Space Pirates
I have initiated at least 2 Space Battles against a fleet of at least 3 non-fighter ships this round and destroyed at least 3 non-fighter ships on each occasion.
I have destroyed at least 4 Carriers.


Fly Swatters
I have the Automated Defense Turrets Technology Advance and have destroyed at least 6 Fighters via Anti-Fighter Barrage this round.
There are no enemy units within 2 systems of my Home System, excluding other Home Systems. (The distance of 2 systems from the Home System is not counted through Wormholes. This means that “only” a “normal” radius of two systems around the HS needs to be cleansed.)
Fiery Revenge
I have bombarded another player’s Home System with both of my War Suns and control the system.


Vultures are Circling
I control Mecatol Rex and have at least 18 Fighters there.
Fighter Swarm
I have the Advanced Fighters Technology Advance and won a Space Battle against at least 4 non-fighter ships using nothing but Carriers and Fighters this round.
I have retreated at least 4 times before a Space Battle.


I gained at least 5 Technology Advances this round. (The Nekro Virus gets to copy a Technology for each Space battle and each individual Invasion Combat. So you could gain 5 Technologies from just two Tactical Actions, e.g. winning 2 Space Battles and invading 3 planets.)
I destroyed an opponent’s last non-fighter ship on the board this round. (You just have had to destroy an opponent’s last non-fighter ship at any point during the round. If he builds new ships afterwards, he does not keep you from claiming the objective.)
I destroyed at least 12 non-fighter ships this round.


The Swarming
I control at least 9 planets outside my Home System. Each of these planets contains at least 1 Ground Force.
Ancient Rite
I have won Space Battles against at least 3 different opponents.
Grid of Death
I control Mecatol Rex and have all 6 of my PDS in or adjacent to the Mecatol Rex system. I destroyed 6 ships (including Fighters) using these PDS after they were placed. (PDS destroyed after the grid was completed may be replaced without restarting the count.)


To the Stars
I control a planet at least 4 systems away from my Home System. I have a Space Dock and at least 6 Ground Forces there.
The Gathering
I control Mecatol Rex. I have 3 Space Docks and at least 6 Ground Forces there.
Cosmic Caravan
I control at least 2 ships in each of 4 contiguous systems outside my Home System. One of those systems is at least 4 spaces away from my Home System.


Frontier Defenses
I control 3 planets in systems at least 3 systems away from my Home System. I have at least 3 Ground Forces on each of these planets.
I successfully took over Mecatol Rex from another player this round and have at least 12 Ground Forces there.
In a single activation, I successfully invaded one or more enemy planets using at least 18 Ground Forces.


Keeper of the Royal Library
I control Mecatol Rex and have a Space Dock and at least 4 Cruisers there.
Scientific Supremacy
Excluding Racial Technologies, I have 4 Technology Advances that none of my opponents has.
Escape Route
I have the Stasis Capsules technology and 8 Cruisers on the board, all more than 2 spaces away from my home system.


Political Machinations
I have played at least 2 Political Agendas, I voted for these agendas and each passed the way I voted.
Galactic Culture
I control planets totaling at least 12 influence outside my Home System.
I took control of at least 4 planets controlled by other players without destroying any units during this activation or any of my previous activations of this system. (Capturing PDS and/or Space Docks is not considered destroying units.) Note: The card text as included in VASSAL module version 1.12b2 differs slighty and will be changed with a future update.


Fear not Death
I have destroyed at least 2 ships with the Sustain Damage ability through the use of my Racial Ability.
Hidden Resources
I control Mecatol Rex. I have reversed the influence and resource values of the planet and now exhaust it. I then spend 4 Trade Goods.
The Greater Good
I have destroyed or converted at least 8 Ground Forces this round.


I have taken over 3 PDS and/or Space Docks using my Agents or Shock Troops in Invasion Combat.
Late Strike
I successfully took over at least 4 planets from other players this round after they had passed this round.
Overwhelming Activity
I played at least 7 Action Cards this round (including sabotaged Action Cards).