Political Resourcefulness

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Political Resourcefulness
Type General House Rule
Prerequisites Using any Assembly SC
Replaces Discarding PCs instead of spending a TG
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Political cards may not be discarded instead of spending Trade Goods (TGs). Instead, players also receive 1 TG whenever they receive a Political card. These TGs (commonly called PCTGs) are not placed in the players' TG areas but on the Political cards themselves. They can be spent normally but cannot be traded with other players, nor taken from the player by any means, e.g. Action cards, Racial Special abilities or Political agendas.

Mentak and PCTGs

PCTGs cannot be stolen by Mentak's racial ability. Furthermore they do not count towards the required number of TGs, i.e. if a player has 2 regular TGs and 1 PCTG, Mentak cannot steal a regular TG.

Mentak's racial technology Mirror Computing does not double the value of a PCTG because it does not affect the ability to discard a PC instead of spending a TG. (See this thread)