List of removed Action and Political Cards (BGGB)

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The following cards are removed in a BGGB game.

Action Cards

Council Dissolved
Dug In
Influence in the Merchant’s Guild
Overrun x3
Rare Mineral x3
Recheck x4
Star of Death
Strategic Bombardment
Surprise Assault
War Footing

Political Cards

Ancient Artifact
Archived Secret
Checks and Balances
Closing the Wormholes
Corrupt Empire
Council’s Censure
Defend the Jewel
Equal Threats
Flawed Planning
Hope’s End Training Ground
Imperial Academy
Lord of Mecatol Rex
Mining Operations
Necessary Bureaucracy
Non-Aggression Pact
Political Focus
Public Execution
Sanctuary Shield
Seed of an Empire

Removing the Political Chaff

Optionally the deck of Political Cards can be thinned to the following list:

Arms Reduction
Build Monument (LAW)
Class Struggle (LAW)
Code of Honor (LAW)
Colonial Redistribution
Colonization Licensing (LAW)
Compensated Disarmament
Conventions of War (LAW)
Core Stability (LAW)
Defensive Mobilizations
Dispute Resolution
Documenting Research (LAW)
Enemy of the Throne (LAW)
Fighter Tax (LAW)
Fleet Restrictions (LAW)
Glory of the Empire (LAW)
Holder of Mecatol Rex
Humane Labor (LAW)
Imperial Mandate
Imperial Peace (LAW)
Incentive Program (LAW)
Labor Force Politics (LAW)
Minister of Internal Security (LAW)
Minister of Peace (LAW)
Neutrality Pact (LAW)
New Constitution
Planetary Security (LAW)
Publicized Weapon Schematics (LAW)
Recognize Accomplishments
Regressive Rhetoric (LAW)
Regulated Conscription
Repeal Labor Laws (LAW)
Shards of the Throne (LAW)
Sharing of Technology (LAW)
Subsidized Studies (LAW)
Supported Expansion (LAW)
Technology Buy:back (LAW)
Technology Committee Investigation
Technology Tariffs (LAW)
The Crown of Emphidia (LAW)
Trade Embargo
Trade War (LAW)
Unconventional Weapons (LAW)
Vorhal Peace Prize (LAW)
War Funding (LAW)
Warship Commission