Home System Auction

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Home System Auction
Type Setup rule
Prerequisites None
Replaces Random Seating
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The Auction for the Home Systems starts with a random player and proceeds clockwise around the table. The first player places one of his control markers on a Home System together with any number of TGs (not from your TG area). You may bid 0 TGs. This is now the current owner and value of the system. Continuing around the table, players either place a bid on a new system or outbid another player. When a player who already has his control marker on the board is up again just pass along. The auction process ends when all players have a control marker on the board.
Players now receive Bonus TGs according to the following formula:
Bonus TG = Highest Bid - Own Bid

Strategic note: It is important to note that not every system is equally valuable to each race. When considering your Home System in an asymmetric galaxy setup you need to take several things into consideration:

  • distance to other players
  • Wormhole access
  • resource and influence values of planets in nearby systems
  • Technology specialty icons

The player to end the auction process by placing his control marker in the last empty Home System will automatically receive the highest amount of TGs on the board. You therefore need to be careful not to bid too many TGs, no matter how valuable a specific system may appear.