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A/A/L - Abaddon/Astroth/Loki system
AC - Action Card
ADT - Automated Defense Turrets
AF - Advanced Fighters (the Tech, but I think I have also seen it used for Fighters after the Tech was researched.)
AFB - Anti Fighter Barrage
AMD - AntiMass Deflectors Tech
AssCan - Assault Cannon


BC or B-Cracy - Bureaucracy SC
BG - Body Guard Rep
BGG - Board Game Geek
BGGB - Board Gaming Group Bonn - can also refer to their house rules or the games using them


CA - Cruiser
CC - Command Counter
CCTAP - CCs, TGs, ACs and PCs. Used when posting your action, see below.
CP - Command Pool
CV - Carrier


DA - Duranium Armor Tech
Dacxive - Dacxive Animators
DD - Destroyer
DH! - Direct Hit AC
DN - Dreadnaught
DS - Distant Suns Variant or Token
DSC - Deep Space Cannon


EC - Enviro Compensator Tech


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
FF - Fighter, can also mean Final Frontier Variant or Token
FFG - Fantasy Flight Games - the maker of the game
FS - Fleet Supply or Flagship
FT - Fighter
FtF - Face to Face - your real life game or group


GD - Gravity Drive Tech
GF - Ground Force
GLS - Graviton Laser System Tech
GN - Graviton Negator Tech
GS or Gen Synth - Gen Synthesis


HAT - High Alert token (Warfare II)
HM - Hyper Metabolism Tech (not very popularly researched, but appears more in Aweberman's tech tree)
HR - House Rules
HS - Home System


IE - Integrated Economy


LU - Local Unrest AC


Merc - Mercenary
MJ - Maneuvering Jets Tech
MR - Mecatol Rex
MT - Micro Technology Tech
MU - Mechanical Unit


NC - Neural Computing Tech (usually only used when showing how you spent for a tech purchase)
NT - Nano Technology Tech


PbF - Play by Forum
PC - Political Card
PDS - Planetary Defense System
PN - Promissory Note
PO - Public Objective
PoP - Promise of Protection PN
Prelim Obj (or just Prelim) - Preliminary Objective


Racial - Special Ability of a race, Race Specific Technology or Racial Objective (BGGB Houserule) depending on context
RAW - Rules as Written - literal interpretation of the rules, not using House Rules
Rep - Representative
Rigels - Rigel I, II, III system
RO - Racial Objective (BGGB Houserule)
RT/RST - Race Specific Technology


SA - Strategy Allocation or Shattered Ascension
SC - Strategy Card
SD - Space Dock
SE - Shattered Empire expansion
SO - Secret Objective
SotT - Support of the Throne PN or Shards of the Throne expansion, depending on context.
ST - Sarween Tools or Shock Troops dependng on context. (The former is only used when showing how you spent in a build)


TG - Trade Good
TI3 - Twilight Imperium Third Edition
Transfab - Transfabrication
TS - Trade Station
T/T - Tequran/Torkan system
T4D - Type IV Drive


VP - Victory Point
VPE - Victory Point Equivalent (such as Shard of the Throne PC, Support of the Throne PN, or control of Precursor Station. Things that cause you to need one less point to win, but are not actually Victory Points)


WS - War Sun


XRD - XRD Transporters
X-89 - X-89 Bacterial Weapon


7-up - Technology SC

Common Expressions

I have a great law. = I have "Ancient Artifact".

Other roleplaying names for races

Baron - Barony of Letnev
Hylar/Universities/Fish - Jol-Nar
L1 or Borg - L1z1x
Xx or 2x or Turtles - Xxcha
Pirates - Mentak
Trade kitties/lions - Hacan
Snakes/Telepaths - Naalu
Plants - Arborec
Nomads/Puupies/Dog/Alpo eaters - Saar
Bugs/Insects - N'orr
Jordans/Humans/Earthers - Sol
Embers - Muaat
Gollums - Yssaril

Usage of CCTAP

When posting an action, one should include the number of CCs, TGs, ACs and PCs, e.g. if a player posts

CCTAP 1/4/2 3/3/2

he has 1 CC in SA, 4 in FS and 2 in CP, as well as 3 TGs, 3 ACs and 2 PCs. If playing with the Political Resourcefulness variant (PCs cannot be spent as TGs but players receive a TG for every PC that can neither be traded nor stolen.) regular TGs should be distinguished from Political ones, e.g.

CCTAP 1/4/2 3+2/3/2

if the player has 3 regular TGs and 2 from Political Resourcefulness.