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This is a rule set used by the Mile High Strategists in Colorado. It is not recommended for new players. Also known as "Low Random Model."


  1. Pre-Set Map - 4-RINGS (FOR 7+ PLAYERS, 3-RINGS FOR <=6-PLAYERS, 5-RINGS FOR 9-PLAYERS). Follow FFG Preset map rules as a guide. All players must agree to the preset map.
  2. BGGB TG-based Race Selection
  3. Objectives
    1. All players select ONE Stage I and ONE Stage II Public Objective to be used in the game.
    2. Preliminary Objectives: draw 2, pick 1.
    3. Secret Objectives: draw 3, pick 1.

Strategy Cards

  1. Leadership
  2. Detente
    1. Special: Claim the SPEAKER token when selecting this card during the Strategy Phase.
    2. Primary: Select (a) or (b). (a) Declare "Cease Fire Zone" in any system on the game board where you have at least 1 unit. All other players place 1 CC in that system. No player may remove the CCs placed there for any reason, including Action Card or Strategy Card effects/abilities. If the active player ever activates the "Cease Fire Zone" system during the Game Round, ALL players may return their CCs from this system to reinforcements. (b) You may execute the secondary ability without spending a command counter or 3 influence.
    3. Secondary: Identical to Diplomacy II.
  3. Senator Emeritus
    1. Primary: Draw 3 ACs and 1 PC. Receive the Power Broker Token (+3 votes). You may give the PBT to another player to receive a CC from your reinforcements. Then, select an agenda from the Senate Floor.
    2. Secondary: Spend 1 CC from SA to receive 1 TG and refresh any single planet you control.
  4. Warfare I and Warfare II. Only one of these two may be selected. The remaining card does not receive a bonus token.
  5. Trade IV.
    1. Primary: Receive 1 TG and +1 TG for each active TA established in a prior Game Round. Players may then make new trade agreements with your approval. All players collect TGs from active Trade Agreements, even those which were just acquired.
    2. Secondary: Identical to Trade III.
  6. Imperial-Bureaucracy
    1. Primary: Receive 1 CC from reinforcements. Receive 1 Victory Point if you control Mecatol Rex. You may then claim one Public Objective for which you qualify. During the Status Phase, you may also claim one Stage I and one Stage II public objective.
    2. Secondary: Same as Bureaucracy.


  1. The Long War (play to 14 VPs)
  2. Age of Empire (modified)
  3. Leaders
  4. Artifacts
  5. Voice of the Council
  6. Mech Units (RAW)
  7. Facilities
  8. WH Nexus
  9. Flagships (modified)
  10. Preliminary Objectives (modified)
  11. All races and system tiles from both expansions
  12. Racial techs

House Rules

  1. DNs are 5x2 (roll 2d10 for space battle only)
  2. Age of Empire - Stage II Public Objectives are not revealed until the Status Phase at the end of Game Round 3, and cannot be claimed until Game Round 4.
  3. Mulligans.
    1. Each player has two Mulligan Cards to use for "take backs" or "do-overs" during the game.
    2. Mulligan Cards may only be used in the current Game Round, and may not be applied to a previous decision or action outside the current phase (i.e. Strategy, Action, or Status).
    3. Once a player's action/turn or decision point is reached again in rotation order, the previous action/turn or decision is considered FINAL.
    4. A Mulligan may never be used to change a result or reverse a decision after dice have been rolled.
  4. Galactic Senate
    1. At the beginning of the game, each player receives TEN Political Cards (or twice the number of players if playing with less than 5 players).
    2. Each player chooses ONE Political Card to keep in their hand, TWO Political Cards for placement on the Senate Floor, and discards the remainder.
    3. Each player starts the game with 2 TGs.
    4. Political Cards cannot be spent as TGs.
    5. Xxcha Kingdom racial ability allows them to retain two Political Cards at game start instead of one.
  5. All Admiral Leader abilities apply to Flagships.
  6. All Dreadnought technology advances apply to Flagships.
    1. Stasis Capsules (+1 GF only)
    2. Type IV Drive
    3. Nano Technology
    4. Assault Cannons, et. al.