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BGGB12A: Triskaidekaphobia is the 14th installment of the BGGB house rule games. PM shorthand for this game is 12A. Please remember to add it to each PM to me.

The title is derived from Ancient Greek and describes the fear of the number thirteen and the avoidance of its use.


  • P1: Miked/Mentak
  • P2: brunoreturns/Sol
  • P3: shaunm?L1z1x
  • P4: ak1979/Yssaril
  • P5: StrangeTim/Yin
  • P6: marsman57/Jol-Nar


Map of BGGB12A

Rules of the game

The general rules for my PBF games are list on my wiki user page.

We will be using the BGGB House Rules (v1.4).

Notes regarding the house rules:

As per the poll, we are playing with Assembly II.

Home system attacks in round 1 are allowed.

Antagonist and Infiltrator Prelims are more difficult to achieve (see [[1]]).

In addition, a custom rule regarding Arborec's racial tech Spore Acceleration (SpA) is in place:
SpA may be researched for a cost of 5 resources in addition to any tech acquired during the same round. So with tech primary you could get a free tech and SpA for 5 resources (or 2 techs + SpA for 0+5+8=13 res), with tech secondary any tech and SpA for 6+5=11 resources (or cheaper if using discounts from tech specialties). Neural Computing further reduces the cost by 2 resources as usual.

Furthermore the Political Card deck is thinned to the following 47 cards:

Arms Reduction
Build Monument (LAW)
Class Struggle (LAW)
Code of Honor (LAW)
Colonial Redistribution
Colonization Licensing (LAW)
Compensated Disarmament
Conventions of War (LAW)
Core Stability (LAW)
Defensive Mobilizations
Dispute Resolution
Documenting Research (LAW)
Enemy of the Throne (LAW)
Fighter Tax (LAW)
Fleet Restrictions (LAW)
Glory of the Empire (LAW)
Holder of Mecatol Rex
Humane Labor (LAW)
Imperial Mandate
Imperial Peace (LAW)
Incentive Program (LAW)
Labor Force Politics (LAW)
Minister of Internal Security (LAW)
Minister of Peace (LAW)
Neutrality Pact (LAW)
New Constitution
Planetary Security (LAW)
Publicized Weapon Schematics (LAW)
Recognize Accomplishments
Regressive Rhetoric (LAW)
Regulated Conscription
Repeal Labor Laws (LAW)
Shards of the Throne (LAW)
Sharing of Technology (LAW)
Subsidized Industry
Supported Expansion (LAW)
Technology Buy:back (LAW)
Technology Committee Investigation
Technology Tariffs (LAW)
The Crown of Emphidia (LAW)
Trade Embargo
Trade War (LAW)
Unconventional Weapons (LAW)
Vorhal Peace Prize (LAW)
War Funding (LAW)
Warship Commission