Assembly III

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Assembly III
Type Variant SC
Prerequisites None
Replaces Assembly II
Created by jeffpoole

Primary Ability: Call the Galactic Council

Claim the Speaker Token and resolve 1 available Political Card following these steps

  1. Choose Representatives.
  2. Resolve Spies.
  3. Resolve Bargaining and Promissory Notes.
  4. Vote. When counting votes, the active player may include the influence from 1 of his or her exhausted planets.
  5. Discard the remaining cards in the Galactic Council and draw 3 new cards.

Secondary Ability: Lobby the Council

Spend 1 Command Counter from your Strategy Allocation area to draw 1 Action Card and choose (a) or (b):

(a) Select a Political Card from the discard pile and add it to the Galactic Council.
(b) Discard 1 Action Card to gain 1 Trade Good.

Assembly III requires the following rule changes:

  1. Players do not get a hand of political cards. Instead, political cards are displayed face-up in an area called the Galactic Council.
  2. At the start of the game, deal out 3 political cards to the Galactic Council area.
  3. There is no limit to the number of political cards that can be in the Galactic Council at any one time.
  4. Political Cards may only voted on once. If a political card is voted on and must be discarded, remove it from the game instead.
  5. Assembly III cannot be selected by the same player two turns in a row.
  6. If playing with Bureaucracy, modify the secondary to read as follows: "Spend 1 Command Counter from your Strategy Allocation area to draw 1 Action Card and 1 Political Card. You may add that Political Card to the Galactic Council or place it in the discard pile. Then receive 1 Trade Good."
  7. If playing with Racial Objectives, replace the word "played" with "chose to resolve" in connection with any Political Card objectives.
  8. The Xxcha player's racial ability forces the active player to discard the chosen Political Card and choose another to resolve.


Some fans believe that RAW politics is too weak and ineffective. Players often spend their PCs during the first game round when using Assembly.

After many many games, I (jeffpoole) identified the main problem with Assembly; it lacks predictability. Most players want to gain the Speaker token, but then have to chance a guess at what Political Card another player will choose. And even then its not certain to come out the way the player wants. Therefore, this modification seeks to remedy these problems.

The SC itself solves the problems by:

  1. Making the available political cards public knowledge. This means the player who chooses Assembly gains the knowledge of what his available choices are. Additionally, the other players know what the potential threats they are facing.
  2. Claim the Speaker token and call the vote of your choice. This was the main reason players choose the other Assemblies, so this card merely removes the nonsense choice the old SCs made the player make. This does though make Assembly III a bit more powerful than its predecessor, but not by any great deal. And I think everyone agrees Assembly is one of the weakest SCs in general.
  3. Give the active player more votes. Rather than set a number, it allows an exhausted planet's votes to be included in the vote itself. This means that the Assembly player can produce with that planet before activating Assembly. Further, this gives the Assembly player more reason to go after planets with both resource and influence planets or just high influence planets. It also creates an interesting dynamic between a player who chose Leadership.
  4. It cycles the Galactic Council every activation. By discarding all the unused cards and drawing 3 new ones, it insures that there will always be 3 new cards for the next player to chose from. As many of the political cards are horrible, it makes sure they don't stick around for long.
  5. The secondary gives other players a chance to influence what political cards will be available in the next Galactic Council. It insures that the current Assembly player cannot indefinitely evade political cards that may harm him. Instead, the players activating the secondary can chose to put cards they want to see voted on back into the Galactic Council. Additionally, this allows players to fish out old political cards that are highly situational when they would be be used. By removing cards that have actually been voted on from the game instead of adding them to the discard pile, the chance of a vote being called twice is eliminated.
  6. The secondary also gives players who want nothing to do with the political game a useful alternative. I have always thought that having useless ACs was the worst (like having Star of Death without the War Sun technology). Sure you can replace them with Hyper Metabolism, but this alternative secondary gives players the chance to ditch them for 1 TG. In addition to the AC that will come with either secondary choice, discarding a useless AC for 1 TG is a nice alternative for a player who wants to see none of the discarded political cards back in the Galactic Council. To clarify, the AC that was just drawn can also be discarded for a TG.

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