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Scope of this Wiki

The wiki is intended to present all information that is important for more than one game. In the old forum there often were discussions about (house) rules which were relevant for other games. The wiki contains pages for:

  • House rules and variants
  • Guides to PBF and VASSAL
  • Software (VASSAL, map generator etc.)
  • Games (listing at least the rules used for the game)
  • User pages (e.g. for GM to list their rules and guidelines for all of their game)
  • Waiting List

Wiki Access

Given the scope of the wiki, there is no need to allow all user's full wiki access. There will be three basic groups of users with wiki access:

  • Admins: can edit all pages and set user permissions
  • Editors: can edit all pages
  • Contributors: can edit specific pages (GMs and variant designers)

To gain access to the wiki, a forum user needs to be added the the usergroup "Wiki". Users in that group can log in to the wiki using their forum usernames and passwords. Note that wiki usernames must begin with an uppercase character; usernames beginning with a lowercase character will be made compliant to this rule at first wiki login, e.g. johnDoe becomes Johndoe. (This does not affect your forum username.)

Any user can request wiki access if they have something to contribute to the wiki. Variant designers should first post their idea in the House Rules forum. Once it is matured, a wiki page for the variant will be created.

Editing the Wiki

The software used for the wiki is MediaWiki 1.21. For a general guide on editing wiki pages, see their help pages.

Contributor cannot create new pages or move/delete existing ones. To get a new page set up, please contact an Admin or and Editor. Note that files are uploaded by creating a page for them. Therefore you need to ask an Admin/Editor for that as well.

Currently there are no Editors. The Admins are shaunm and Sunchaser.

A guide on how to create a new page for a contributor will be added to this page soon.

Special rules for variant pages

Variants and house rules are often subject to constant revision and improvement but also need to be fixed once a game has started. If a variant is changed after a game started, it should be given a version number, so the exact version used in a particular game can be found easily, see BGGB House Rules as an example.

A proper guide on handling this will be added soon. For now please ask Sunchaser for more information.