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List of Active Duel GMs/Secret Keepers

happygrue (GM/SK)
PsiComa (SK)
Ag3nt (GM/SK)
nec (GM/SK)

GMing a duel involves updating the map and forums and keeping track of rules for newer players (I.E. following the game).
Being a secret keeper (SK) means just dealing cards and (maybe) rolling some dice but letting more experienced players do all the map stuff (and probably combat).

List of Active Duel Players

PsiComa *
Magic_Octopus *
m4matteo *
marsman57 *
happygrue *
Ag3nt *
nec (GM/SK)

Players that have played or are currently playing a duel have * after their name. Others have asked to be on the list but not yet tried it out. Challenge them to a duel!

List of Completed Duel Games

Duel standards: For the purposes of statistics, games start at the time the dice are rolled for player starting order. Games end when one player wins or concedes.

SA Duel 1: War of the Guinea Pigs

Required VPs: 8
Started: 3-Aug-2015
Completed: 24-Aug-2015
Time to completion: 21 days
GM: happygrue
Link to Game:

Notes: Slight delay from when I rolled the dice to when races were dealt and we actually got going, so really this game was a bit less than two weeks "start to finish". Very aggressive Sol play in the opening lead to a tense early game that saw Xxcha fight back from the brink of disaster to lead the VP race at one point. In the end, Sol controlled the map and Xxcha conceded at the start of what was very likely the final round.

Rank Player Race VP
1 PsiComa Sol 5
2 Magic_Octopus Xxcha 6

*Ended by Xxcha concession.

SA Duel 3: The Twilight Council (1 of 3)

Required VPs: 8
Started: 2-Sep-2015
Completed: 8-Sep-2015
Time to completion: 6 days
GM: happygrue; SK: PsiComa
Link to Game:

Notes: Game completed in six days, after Muaat Conceded in turn 3. Jol-Nar was quite lucky, which helped to move things along. Still an exiting game with lots of early action on both sides. Quite a fun time! We also tested an adaptation of the Twilight Council Assembly system (the only way to play!) for duel games with much success. It will surely end up as the default in the next rules update.

Rank Player Race VP
1 happygrue Jol-Nar 3
2 Ag3nt Muaat 4

*Ended by Muaat concession.

SA Duel 2: Revenge of the Newbs

Required VPs: 8
Started: 20-Aug-2015
Completed: 17-Sep-2015
Time to completion: 28 days
GM: happygrue
Link to Game:

Notes: Game completed in just under a month, after N'orr Conceded in turn 4. First duel game for board regulars m4matteo and marsman57. N'orr never got things rolling this game, and fell quickly to the double whammy of a Hacan production and Hacan gunnery. The kitties seems to hit like the Mrrshans while at the same time producing like the Klackons.

Rank Player Race VP
1 m4matteo Hacan 2
2 marsman57 N'orr 2

*Ended by N'orr concession.

SA Duel 4: The Twilight Council (2 of 3)

Required VPs: 8
Started: 9-Sep-2015
Completed: 2-Oct-2015
Time to completion: 23 days
GM: happygrue; SK: PsiComa
Link to Game:

Notes: An epic rematch! Arborec stormed off to a great start but forgot how Interstellar Arms Dealers dealt with Fleet Supply limits... meaning Naalu plopped down a DN and DD early while Arborec could only watch in shame. This lead to a tense fight that went backwards and forwards with massive luck in key battles swinging Arborec from almost certain defeat to clearly dominant... and then back to ultimate defeat in the final turn! As tense and exciting a game as I've played!

Rank Player Race VP
1 Ag3nt Naalu 8
2 happygrue Arborec 7

*Ended on turn 6 with Naalu gaining 8 VP.