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Rules and Guidelines


Due to copyright restrictions, users are not allowed to post the text of Action or Political Cards of Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition.

Do not attempt to circumvent this rule by:

  • Posting images of cards instead
  • Paraphrasing their content
  • Posting links to card lists
  • Any other method that would make the cards available to everyone on the internet

This means that you will need to have access to a physical copy of the game in order to play in this forum.

If you cannot access the cards temporarily, the GM can send you a description by PM. However, this may only be done in rare cases. GMs will never provide card information on a regular basis.

The only exception to this rule are rule discussions, in which only the relevant parts of the card text may be quoted.

Code of Conduct

Users are required to be polite and courteous at all times.

  • Any form of flaming or abusing another user will not be tolerated and result in a warning.
  • Please post in a way which is consistent with "normal writing", i.e. do not post excessive numbers of emoticons, large, small or coloured text, etc.
  • Do not SHOUT or use excessive punctuation (! and ?) in you posts.
  • Do not act as a "back seat moderator". If a user violates any of the forum rules, please use the report button (small exclamation mark at the lower right of a post) or contact a moderator/the GM of your game.

Play by Forum games take several months. Therefore, in addition to the above rules, keep the following points in mind:

  • Not everyone keeps the same schedule as you. Some players will only be online a few times a day, likely in the evening (in their time zone).
  • When you sign up for a game that you know will take several months at a minimum, you accept that there will be delays. When delays happen, please be patient.
  • To keep your games running at an acceptable pace, please try to stick to agreed upon frequencies of activity. Usually that means checking in at least once each day, with weekends being less strict.
  • If you know that you will be absent for a longer time, please let you GM and your fellow players know ahead of time (at least a few days).
  • Do not berate a player for not posting as often as you. If a player is inappropriately inactive, do not send them messages. Contact the GM instead.

Forum Manual

The forum uses the free and open-source forum software phpBB3. This manual covers several useful features that you may otherwise miss. A full user guide can be found here.


Attachments can be uploaded when posting or sending private messages (PMs). The allowed file extensions are:

  • Posts: .vlog, .jpg
  • PMs: .vlog, .vsav

Each user may upload up to 5 MiB of attachments. [1] You can check how much disc space you are currently using in your User Control Panel > Overview > Manage attachments (direct link). There you can also delete several attachments at once when your space is full.

Forum styles

You can change the way the forum will appear to you (the forum style) by going to you User Control Panel > Board preferences > Edit global settings (direct link).

There are three regular styles. The default style, AcidTech, has dark a dark background while prosilver and subsilver2 have a light one. The mobile style, Artodia, is intended for smaller screens and will automatically be selected if you load the forum with a mobile browser (on a smartphone or tablet). You can switch between the mobile style and your default one using buttons at the top and bottom of the page.


You can subscribe to thread and forums to receive email notifications for new posts. To subscribe to a thread or forum click the link "Subscribe thread/forum" just above the first post or the list of threads, respectively.[2]

You can manage you subscriptions in User Control Panel > Overview > Manage subscriptions (direct link).

Private Messages

Your Private Message (PM) inbox is limited to 200 PMs. When it is full, you need to delete PMs in order to receive new ones. In addition to the inbox, you can create 4 PM folders, each which can store 200 PMs. Furthermore you can set rules that will automatically move PMs to a certain folder, e.g. based on the message subject.

To manage PM folders and rules, go to your Private Messages and select "Rules, folders & settings" on the left-hand side (direct link).


  1. For specific cases, this limit can be increased, e.g. for GMs of games that require many logfiles. If you require more space, please contact Sunchaser.
  2. The location of this link differs between forum styles. If you changed your forum style from the default (AcidTech) and cannot find the link, try searching the page for the word "subscribe".