Goodbye (for the second time) from Ag3nt and Snake

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Goodbye (for the second time) from Ag3nt and Snake

Post by Ag3nt » October 25th, 2018, 7:50 am

Hi all guys,

i think it's something as 8 years that i play on this and the former forum,
i said goodbye one time already but I was on rage for something i haven't appreciated (probably most because on me), but this time I just think it's the end for me and this game.
I was Snake, then Ag3nt then they both, i had so much fun and i spent sooooo muuuuch time on this forum, but now I am not playing a live game from more then 1 year and i'm not missing the game that much; and the online gaming is not enought if it is lacking the live part.
I sold my copy so as per forum rules i cannot play anymore.
I want to say a special thanks to Sunchaser that is doing almost all the work since the new forum was created.

And i want to say thank you all for the time and the games we made together.

See you all around
Known as Snake

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