Please use the waiting list if possible

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Please use the waiting list if possible

Post by Sunchaser » September 13th, 2016, 4:22 pm

Dear (prospective) GMs,

the last two game that started, filled up very quickly and it is nice to see that the board activity is picking up again after the usual summer low.
However, it looks like some players who have spent a long time on the waiting list have not been given a good chance to join those games.

While the waiting list is not strictly enforced, I would like all GMs to consider the following procedure when offering a new game:
- Invite the top 6 (or 8) users with matching preference on the list. Invite more users as alternates but do not promise them a spot yet.
- Don't rush it. The game will take months, so it's not a problem if finding players takes a week. Keep in mind that players who waited for a long time, won't check the forum too frequently. They will probably have email alerts for PMs but might be in a different time zone. Best give the users at least 72 hours to respond.
- Assign spots by waiting list order. It may be tempting to make this "first come, first served" because quick response might imply good activity but it does guarantee it. This rather favours the users who just happen to be online when you post the thread. This should also be done when players are allowed to request a spot without invitation.
- Keep track of who read your PM and responded, and report back to me. This requires sending individual PMs to every invited users, which is a lot of work, I know. But it also helps me remove inactive users from the waiting list. This of course requires that you give them sufficient time to respond.

Keep in mind that none of this is mandatory and I will not forbid you to give spots to users by some other method but this is the fairest procedure that I could come up with so far.

If anything is unclear or you have suggestions for improvement, please feel free to post here.
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