Mass Effect playtest ends with Turian victory!

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Mass Effect playtest ends with Turian victory!

Post by obsidian_tower » July 3rd, 2015, 10:40 pm


Congrats to SWC_Seren of the Turian Heirarchy for winning the Mass Effect playtest. Your collaboration with the Systems Alliance to crush the Batarian Hegemony and capture their home system ensured your victory, while the Salarian/Quarian conflict left your other border uncontested. The Asari held the Citadel and were in a strong second place, and the Geth and Krogan had maneuvered into positions of strength, but alas, Imperium Rex meant that there was not enough time to stop the Turian juggernaut. Kudos to the Quarians for holding out against the combined attacks of the Salarian and Krogan.

Thanks to all the players who tested these 8 new races and provided constant feedback throughout:


Because of you I have great suggestions on how to tweak and improve these races for the next playtest.

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