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Upcoming Live game

Post by m4matteo » April 10th, 2015, 12:12 am

Hi guys!
(a bit over excited I think lol)

Me and my close friends don't get to play live TI3 that often (1 in 2-3months). At the minute we have 3 veterans, 1 player that has played 2 times (at the point he has realised playing nicely nicely doesn't equal a winner, so expecting a lot more aggression from him) and then 2 newbies. The newbies have both watched the utube walkthrough videos and I plan to run them through some of the expansion parts as well as some of the finer points (i.e. waiting for certain SC secondary's, or stalling ;)) before we play.

I was just looking form some input from some regulars about keeping this game even/interesting, especially when it comes to building our pre-set galaxy. At the minute we will probably play the following....

Red tape bureaucracy (give the newbies some idea what to do) http://ti3pbf.com/wiki/Red-Tape_Bureaucracy
(Territorial) Distant Suns
The Final Frontier
Shock troops/refresh abilities
Wormhole Nexus
Custodians of Metacol Rex
Flagships (1st one half price)
Mechanized Units
Political Resourcefulness (http://ti3pbf.com/wiki/Political_Resourcefulness)
Preliminary Objectives (undecided on choice of 2 as will probably offer choice of 2 for their Secret objectives)
Race-Specific Technologies
Artifacts (undecided in what fashion, floating VP or Tech/TG givers)
Sabotage Runs
Tactical Retreats
Wormhole Nexus

NOT Playing
Age of Empire
Fall of the Empire
Political Intrigue (really want to try this in live game but adds way to much to non-veterans)
Mercs (to much already)
Simulated Early Turns
The Long War
Voice of the Council
Space mines

House Rules

MUs can be damaged/killed by ADS DS tokens
Each player gets a random choice of 2 races to play. Will probably offer the newbies to play from any of the discarded races aswell as the 2 they picked.
Open POs (see red tape)
HS bidding http://ti3pbf.com/wiki/Home_System_Auction
Pre-set galaxy (see images below)

At this point we have dished out some races so we can look more into our races.....

Player 1: Choices: Yssaril or Nekro .......will be Yssaril (Me BTW)
Player 2: Choices: Sarr or Arborec.........80% will be Saar.
Player 3: Choices: Hacan or L1Z1X........torn decision.

Infamous mid lvl player
Player 4: Naalu or Yin........Surely Naalu!

Player 5: Muatt or Xxcha
Player 6: Not drawn yet, as not confirmed
NOTE: We are thinking from this draw that we let the newbies choose from the 2 they have drawn or any discarded race....what people think?

So, onto Maps! We all do like building a galaxy but with varying degrees of play levels this is just stupid. As well as just random being boned! So I am looking at creating a preset map. We have always played symmetric maps, pre-set ones included, It cuts a lot of time making a galaxy in advance. One of my regular players has been widely adverse to a asymmetrical map for a long time but has now warmed to the idea of them a lot. I do think this would add to the game for vetereans but I don't want to make the map so deep that the newbies go all out because close contact. We will be bidding on starting positions but it could go horribly wrong....
Maps I have got in my sights.... (I would post the as pure image but not worked our how to do it)...

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vj5hrz61u0u5 ... UvnQa?dl=0
Can't Take the Sky from Me - Mentak (2nd)
Genesis - Naalu (1st)

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